Matter Monthly

7 May

These new online mag, Matter Monthly, just catapulted its first issue into the world. In their introduction (manifesto!), the editors conclude by describing their aim as such:

Matter is space where visual artists, poets, and writers of all genders, races, and ethnicities can contribute work without first bleeding it of subjectivity and criticality (whether of social and financial institutions, the other, or ourselves).  We hope what transpires will be an evolving forum for desired change, humor, and provocative art that transcends the false binary between politics and aesthetics, as well as lyric, language and conceptual antimonies based on perceived inabilities of those discourses (musical prosody, semiotic play, and formalist abstraction, in turns), for structural critique.

In these first pages, the kickstart is proper to this. We are given poems and prose and art that collapses timidity and frankly feels like one of the rawest, most oomphed issues of an online mag I’ve read. Very much stoked about future issues pushing this aim.


from “How My Existentially Problematic Novel Unfolds” by Kyle McCord:

Your heart maybe many bears
beating their bike chains
and tire irons together.
I can’t prove otherwise.
This is a democracy,
so it’s your word against
my science.  My science
against this feeling that we are
often not alone when we are
often alone, I fear.
We are taking out the garbage
into the desolation
of some suburb,
but we don’t want this
in particular.
I ruin everything with my wanting.

(Untitled) by Robin Dluzen

from “Party Time” by Lina ramona Vitkauskas

The juice of solidarity
has become sour! We see

Woolly Mama models
of the newest clams,

throw out two dummy
dollars for everything cancer-

cleaned, lick the film to reveal
our bones. Beneath the swells of

our nation’s un-tuned harpsichord,
the war is constantly constant.

Check out the whole first issue!

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