National Poetry Month Recap

2 May

Thanks so much to everyone who followed along during April for Vouched’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Here’s a round-up of all the  posts (even some non-poetry goodness thrown in for extra oomph, right!?) throughout the month.

S.E. Smith Spotlight at Coldfront

Dossiers: Poetry & Ohio, Mary Biddinger

Peter Davis Poem-Video

Awful Interview with Winston Ward

M.G. Martin Greying Ghost Pamphlet

Peter Schwartz at Robot Melon

Vomit Express by Allen Ginsberg

Single-Sentence Saturday: Alexis Orgera

Heather Christle at Better Magazine

Dossiers: Poetry & Ohio, Frank Giampietro

Awful Interview with Gina Myers (redux)

Wendy Burk Poem-Video

Laurel Hunt at Forklift, Ohio

NOÖ Journal and Vouched Books Collaboration

Awful Interview with Cristen Conger

Interview with Alexis Pope

Vince Carter Poem-Video

Single-Sentence Saturday: Randall Jarrell

Natalie Lyalin at notnostrums

Hold It Down by Gina Myers

Awful Interview with John Carroll

Kirsty Singer Poem-Video

I FEEL YES by Nick Sturm

Awful Interview with Jayne O’Connor

Brandon Amico at Sixth Finch

Canarium Books preview at The Collagist

Jenny Zhang video

Single-Sentence Saturday: Dean Young

Note Pinned To The Back Of A Dress by Aubrey Lenahan

The Chapbooks of Jeff Alessandrelli

Melissa Broder Poem-Video

Ashley Farmer at EG

Interview with Abraham Smith

Single-Sentence Saturday: Heather Christle

Diana Salier Poem-Video

Dzanc Poetry Prize Announcement

Dossier: Poetry & Ohio, Cathy Wagner

Interview with Hosho McCreesh

RCNC Reading in Akron videos

Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan

30 x Lace revisited

Matt Hart Debacle Debacle recordings

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