Machines Like Us by Joshua R. Helms is the Winner

29 Apr

We (Vouched, you and me, the lit world, etc. etc.) got wonderful news the other day when Dzanc Books announced the winner of their poetry collection contest. The chosen manuscript was Machines Like Us by Joshua R. Helms. As a big-time fan of both Dzanc and Helms, this is gonna be YES I’m gonna guess.

Here’s what the judge, C. Dale Young, and the victorious poet himself had to say:

C. Dale Young notes:  “Machines Like Us is a dark and deeply obsessive book. It is almost impossible to forget the three primary characters in this collection after witnessing their twisted and repetitive attempts to connect, after witnessing the fact they cannot separate acts of love from acts of harm.”

“I’m so very excited to have my first collection of poetry chosen by C. Dale Young and published by Dzanc,” Helms reacted.  “I have great respect and admiration for the books Dzanc produces and I’m beyond honored to be among the authors they publish. I’m extremely happy that my collection has found a home with such a wonderful press.”

If you’re like this fella typing here, just itching as you wait, go ahead and (re)visit some of the poems from the manuscript like these awesome ones at Sixth Finch and metazen.

4 Responses to “Machines Like Us by Joshua R. Helms is the Winner”

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