SS Review: Poisonhorse by Brandi Wells

26 Feb


POISONHORSE by Brandi Wells

Nephew, 34 pgs., August 2012, $10

A literary eruption, is that a thing, if that’s a thing, it just happened over here, out comes a saddened–>tortured love cry, a near-epic struggle twisted forward and within and out of over a bitty 34 pages, the story of Poisonhorse shrieks, as the horse and the poison the narrator gives it and the bears and the rats and the lady in the cistern and etc. burrow their way into you, as you begin to see yourself as one of the severed heads in the bear’s belly, as what you thought to call love expands and then immediately bursts in your hands.

Check out pieces of Horse here and here. Get the Horse here.

2 Responses to “SS Review: Poisonhorse by Brandi Wells”

  1. andrew February 26, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

    is this a review? this is awful.

    • Tyler Gobble February 26, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

      Sure, golly well I hope so, a Single-Sentence one (of sorts of course), the kind we often spit out around here, hoping to capture the pizazz/essence/big sparkle of a book.

      Maybe, my attempt has failed here (for you). Maybe, what reaction we find necessary/useful/stoked-worthy differs. Maybe, you should give it a try (I mean both reviewing this book and delving into the SS format.

      What part of this makes yr head tick out “awful” abt this?

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