How To Make A Magazine–Booth 4

4 Feb

Booth Cover

The Vouched Indianapolis table returned to its book-slinging duties this past Friday for the area’s monthly First Friday Art Walk, and the table had a top-notch journal addition: the latest from Booth, Butler’s lit mag. As I’ve come to expect from this crew, this new one soars out every piece to create one stellar literary robot–crisp, thoughtful design (this blue that flows through the issue, bordering pieces, illuminating excerpts, making the titles pop), a variety of types of printable art (your poetry, fiction, and essays, of course, but also also also stellar comics, drawings and new pieces to their ongoing Winesburg, Indiana series), and the turned-up quality of this work.

See: the poems by the magazine’s 2012 Poetry Prize winner (selected by Linda Gregg), Aubrey Ryan.

from “How To Make A Beginning”

Wedding gowns are hard to sink
in creeks. They float downstream

like bloated geese. They sag
in knuckled reeds along the bank.

Pretend that it’s a skin. Pretend
that it’s the slit belly of a wolf

and lay the pebbles in. […]

See: the comics, c,over art and illustrations throughout by Dustin Harbin

See: “Constance H. Wootin” by Michael Martone in the Winesburg, Indiana section

And there, there I am on my paint can stool, an egg, looking over Bart’s soft cotton shoulder. I am in profile, depicted as some antique muse, attempting to sketch the artist’s, Bart’s, own profile I alone can see. It seems I am whispering into his ear, a flash of a pearl-pink tongue, a kind of spark between the synapses, rendered between my lips. Still wet, the image glistens. I dismantle all my lenses and glasses and goggles. I lean into the point of paint, the picture closing in on me.

See: “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” by Joshua Unikel

Cookie Monster doesn’t need to keep up appearances or save face. Though his eyes meander and bounce, his gaze is subtly fixed on what he wants. His spherical eyes sit like two dense stars above his dark ellipse of a mouth, and all of it with its gravity pulling everyone to love him. It pulls everyone into forgetting how differently they see the eyes of puppets and the eyes of people.

And this is just some snippets! Seriously, the whole thing bumps WOW. I’m putting it on my coffee table now.

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