Fall Into the Sinkhole Anthology – SMALL PRESS COMICS

10 Dec

The Sinkhole AnthologyFriend of Vouched, author of the story collection Naked Summer, and all around good dude, Andrew Scott, is embarking upon the launch of a new small press comic book endeavor, Sinkhole Press.

To me, this is really amazing, but I’ll fully admit I’m less than well-versed about the world of independent comics. When I really think about it, I imagine there’s probably just as thriving a culture of small press comics as there is in the fiction/poetry/etc. genre, if not probably more thriving, especially because there’s not the divide between webcomics and print comics (at least, not to my knowledge). I don’t know. Do print comic artists have a lingering feeling of disdain for webcomic publishing?

This post is real-time making me want to have a beer with Andrew and ask him all these questions. I think I’m going to do that and post it here as an interview for the launch of the press.


Sinkhole Press is doing a Kickstarter to fund their first title, The Sinkhole Anthology. A bit about that:

The Sinkhole Anthology brings together creators—from the United States and Norway—who treasure the tradition and spirit of creator-owned, independent comics.

This will be the first release from Sinkhole Press, a boutique comic book publisher. The anthology features work by former students and graduates of the Kubert School, the creature designer and storyboard artist of the Troll Hunter film, the author of a literary short story collection (prose), the artist of the bestselling The Stuff of Legend graphic novels, and more.

So yeah. That sounds pretty baller. I backed it. The project is already fully backed, but if it sounds like rad action to you, you can still get in on it until December 27th. You can back it for $10 for a high-res PDF version of the final product, or $20 for a print edition.

Back that thing up.

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