Collaborative Issue of Red Lightbulbs

6 Dec

Been meaning to go Whoop around here about the new issue of red lightbulbs a good chunk of time now. Jammed volume of collaborative pieces right there. I love how it shows the true diversity of collaborative writing, how it happens nowadays, the internet and ease of back-and-forth, etc. Over the head of that is how straight up good the writing is. Somebody enjoy this with me!

from “Blackbird” by RL Goldberg and Jonas Q

she sits on her knees and the three men stand over her and try to be the first one to finish in her open mouth. one man squirts in tiny fast springs across her chin. the other two still are working on it. she looks like a baby bird, you can see right down her throat, and she’s waiting, as if waiting for her mother to bring her a worm, or a snake, or something that will nourish her until she is able to jump from the nest herself—jump and find new ways to feed.

from “[Excerpt From Twitter Novel]” by Jackson Nieuwland and Matt Margo

tiny tongues sprout from my skin like hair that tangles. they tie themselves together, tasting each other’s ooze. i try to ignore the sensation and make sense of it but my brain is now a gaping maw: empty, starving, swallowing itself. i stumble from my home in search of __________. my eyes gnash their teeth at passersby and I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO GO. DENTIST? DOCTOR? COLLEGE? GRAVEYARD? my thoughts grow mouths and swallow each other.

“We Are Over The Spaces Touching” by Carrie Lorig and Chad Redden (You just gotta see this cool thing!)

Seriously, this whole issue is one firework show of stellar collaborative writing. Check it out! 

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