Awful Interview: Jenny Sadre-Orafai

16 Nov

This is Jenny Sadre-Orafai. If she looks a little blurry it’s because she’s jumping on a hotel bed- as a Jenny Sadre-Orafai is prone to do. Sometimes she goes on adventures. Sometimes she doesn’t eat sugar skulls. Sometimes she writes poetry. For example, she has a chapbook coming out soon called Avoid Disaster, and she has already authored chaps by these titles: Weed Over Flower, What Her Hair Says About Her, & Dressing the Throat PlateThis Saturday she will be reading her poems out loud in Atlanta to you. It will be exciting. 

So Jenny, instagram tells me you just went on a West Coast Adventure and also recently celebrated the Día de los Muertos. How was that? Which was more exciting?

This is true. I went to Seattle last month for a conference and had such a nice time. My first and last visit there was when I was in high school and grunge was happening. This time, though, I took a ferry, rode the Seattle Great Wheel, ate some of the best Mexican food ever, and jumped on the hotel bed (a lot). The Día de los Muertos celebration was pretty fantastic. Although I’m ¼ Mexican, I had never seen altars, a catrina, or even sugar skulls. Seeing all of those was really exciting.

I’ve always wondered- what do you do with the sugar skulls- do you eat them? If so- do they taste like Smartees or more like stale icing?

I think you can eat them. I only saw them on the altars, so I didn’t try one. I like to think they taste like sugarcubes? You could squirrel them into your cheeks and have hot tea.

Way to verbify ‘squirrel’! One of my favorite woodland creatures, for obvious reasons. Jenny, what’s your power animal? (Totem so to speak) Why is it your power animal?

So, I first thought it was the unicorn. After all, this description really captures me: “Making dreams come true, virtue, beauty, weather patterns, connection with the woodland and the beings within.” Boy, was I wrong. I took an extremely accurate online quiz that informed me it is the snake–”mysterious and a bit secretive. You have a quick wit and keen literate skills. Your unusual approach to life often makes you feel like you’re on the outside looking in.” This wasn’t the worst part though. The description was coupled with ugliest blue snake I’ve ever laid eyes on. Of course I’m a snake in the Chinese zodiac as well. Coincidence? Never.

Oh wow. You don’t seem very snake-y to me. It does lead me to the natural next question: How does it make you feel to know that Indiana Jones would be afraid of you?

I did not know this fact. Perhaps I should get around to watching those movies one day? Nevertheless, it makes me feel like I need to find him stat. I wouldn’t strike Indy for anything though. I would just want to demonstrate my keen literate skills. After my demonstration, he would drop his ridiculous whip and tip his hat. I would cure him of his fear.

So, you’re reading this Saturday at Joe’s coffee shop with some other poets. Are you totally pumped? What makes you most excited for the reading?

I am pumped to the max. I’m most excited about being a listener Saturday. My ears can hardly wait.

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