9 Nov

It’s about time The Bakery gets some Vouched lovin’. Amidst all the poetry popperies out there, The Bakery is really cranking it out major good. Constantly impressed by the poets they feature, both recognizable and excitingly new, poets that push the lyrical straight out of the mouth, poets of heightened experience.

I’ll point at this month’s featured poet, Martin Rock. The poems splayed out there are from “a series of epistolary poems to Mark Rothko in response to individual paintings.” Impressed by these poems’ ability to grasp the painting then climb atop it and stomp around. A tricky line exists to balance on, between talking in regards to the paintings and talking for the paintings, between demonstrating an interpretation and being eaten by the reaction. Wow how these poems do it!

from “No. 43, Mauve, 1960″

The contortionist has fit everything
but her head into the box
& her body’s turned to vapor.

Like a cloud woven into the future,
the point of your exclamation
mark is in the process of exploding.

from “No. 1, Black Form, 1964″

In the future, there is no future.
As for the silence after death, we hear it
behind the wall behind your painting.
What Kandinsky named silence you paint.
In front of the obsidian monolith a man
in a canoe rows himself considerably away.

One Response to “I LIKE IT FRESH”

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