Awful Interview: Carrie Murphy

23 Oct

This is Carrie Murphy. Check out the vignette in this picture, pretty great, right? Guess what- it’s not a photo effect, she really has a spotlight that follows her everywhere! EVEN BETTER. Modern science has yet to figure it out. You can witness Carrie (& her spotlight) when she comes to Atlanta to read on Friday, November 9th. You could also read her book, Pretty Tilt, which was released by Keyhole Press. Carrie let me interview her awfully the other day. Here’s what happened.

Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to today?

Good, thanks! It’s a rainy day and I’m hanging out on the couch with my dog, doing some freelance writing work.

That sounds dreamy! What’s your dog like? How old is he? All dogs are boys, right?

Haha. He IS a boy. And it’s funny that you ask how old he is, because I just realized that he has GRAY HAIRS on his chin. And he’s only five (or four, he was a rescue dog so I don’t know his exact age). He’s THE CUTEST. He is a dachshund and his name is Pablo, named after Neruda. He was in a dachshund race the other week and he was so confused; he didn’t even leave the starting line. I died of hilarity.

 Sounds like he may need some coaching. Have you gotten the Dachshund racing burn? Is this something you plan to do on the reg?

Haha, no. It was a one-time thing, to raise money to build a dog park.

What would Pablo’s  dream dog park be like? Details, please!

Lots of fleece blankets, lots of small pillowed crevices to sleep in, lots of rawhides and plenty of similarly-sized friends to play with!

So you have a pretty awesome food blog too, right- Plums in the Icebox? How did that come about? And how did you come up with such a sweetass name for it?

Thanks! Yep. I had a food blog while I was in grad school, Master of Fine Eats, but it didn’t seem to make sense to continue it when I graduated in 2011. So I started Plums In The Icebox. It’s kind of (very very) vaguely literary, so I thought “plums in the icebox” ( a play on the William Carlos Williams poem) would be a cool name. Plus the name just reminds me of good summer-y, fresh food. So it fit! I do do a little thing on a blog called “Writers Eat” where I feature a favorite recipe of a writer. I’ve done about seven of those; sometimes connected to the writer’s work, but usually not. It’s a cool way to get new recipes and to learn about what other people eat. I’m kind of a food voyeur, so I especially like that aspect of it.

That sounds like fun. How does one become a food voyeur/how does one go about being one?

I just mean I love to see what other people are eating. I am totally the person on Instagram that “hearts” all the annoying pictures of people’s dinners. Food is a HUGE part of my life and I am always looking for ideas of new things to make and eat, so I just love to see and hear about and read about different foods. What’s your favorite meal?

Currently- ‘sweet potato chickpea curr-ey’ at this restaurant, the Brickstore, down the street from my house. It’s perfect for autumn. I found a similar recipe online and make it at home probably too often.
I’m a huge supporter of instagrams of aesthetically pleasing foodstagrams, but can’t understand when people take pictures of ugly leftovers. Why do they do that?

Beats me! I only take pictures that look at least a little bit pretty. I mean…isn’t that the point?

That’s the impression I was under as well. So, what would you say to persuade people to come to the reading in Atlanta on Nov. 9th? Make your case.

Oh wow! Lots of pressure. Wellllllllllll I’ve never been to Atlanta before, so it would be awesome if people came out to show me what ATL is all about (yes, I rhymed). Come to the reading so you can tell me all the cool stuff to see and do and eat in Atlanta; I am all about eating, as y’all know by now. Also, I’ll be reading poems about blow jobs, Prince William, and the Spice Girls. And I’m reading with some terrific writers, so there will be a great mix of fiction and poetry and laugh and cries (maybe cries, I hope not, but you never know).

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