“Since I got here I’ve been hugging everyone”– Nick Sturm at SCUD

4 Oct

It’s true that Nick Sturm and I are pals, the waves of the interwebs colliding us together about a year ago. And it’s true this space is where I come to say just that, what thrills me, what moves me, what makes me feel more life-jogger than dirty dish in the sink.

What is also true is how Nick Sturm was before and still is undoubtedly one of my favorite of these poets rattling those same webspaces, proven again at SCUD with three poems that say WAKE UP WITH ME. These poems are portraits of living, so sure of themselves telling you what living is and what is truly up, but notice the shift poem to poem, that same voice shape-shifting within the one webpage, acknowledging how clumsy and flimsy and TOGETHER life is. It’s beautiful, the pictures Sturm paints, showing me just how motion-filled living is, how okay that is, how joyous and YES that can be.

Make a mess      Read a book      We all
might need to go to bed more often
together    Put on & take off our
intentions without purpose    It’s all good
as long as no one’s decent    As long as
we end up loose & whipped by mist
into gladness    The day picking up
to bash us immortal

One Response to ““Since I got here I’ve been hugging everyone”– Nick Sturm at SCUD”


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