Their Peculiar Ambitions: Presidential Flash Fiction Series Now at Melville House

11 Sep

Steve Himmer on Washington, Lincoln Michel on John Adams, Jac Jemc on Jefferson, Christopher Higgs on Madison, and Brian Oliu on Monroe. YEAH. And that’s just the beginning of this fantastic run of fantastic flash fiction on our forty-four presidents.

Those of you who know me know that I’m obsessed with three things: politics, history, and literature. So when I got the chance, with the spark of an idea lit by Brian Carr, to edit this series, I was ecstatic. I put out a general call, got together some truly fantastic writers who answered it, and now Kevin Murphy at Melville House Publishing will be publishing these stories in installments, starting with the first batch today! Seriously, do NOT NOT NOT miss these. They are fantastic pieces, each and every one. You’ll forget all about Mittens as you read some of the wittiest, loveliest, funniest, and yes, saddest pieces on our nation’s leaders – the good, the bad, and the very very ugly.

And by the way, a thank you to Matt Bell (and to Abe Lincoln) for the assist on the title of this collection!

Go read them all now:

Part 1: The Founding Fathers

* GEORGE WASHINGTON, by Steve Himmer

* JOHN ADAMS, by Lincoln Michel


* JAMES MADISON, by Christopher Higgs

* JAMES MONROE by Brian Oliu

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