Questions about B. by Daniel Poppick

30 Aug

This jewel over at Petri Press, chiming about what we know and whether and how we shout or whisper it.  Unknown, wished-to-be-known and wished-to-be-forgotten sound alongside each other through gaps in branches:



I would like to tell you it is coming, frost and what

The porch light does to her

Lawn, it is midnight and the orchard is almost

Hilarious with swerve, I am trying

To tell the truth, so

Far that isn’t happening, forgive me once again


In truth I would like to tell you that in the evenings Bernice

Sits in a chair of red birds, watches


This thing is speckled with calm and beautiful objects but pleads with itself ferociously to be honest, to tell what is real and assuredly known, in a voice that knows this is a hard hard thing, that to try is the best hope.  We are offered grace and patience to come and know for ourselves, “I welcome/As many interruptions as you need to know me…”


Read the whole piece at Petri Press.

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