Conduit Magazine #23

2 Jul

This magazine says, Words + Visions for Minds on Fire. I say, Wow! My mind has not been on fire for twenty-three years (how long I have been breathing) or nineteen years (how long this mag has been popping) (anywhichaway that is a lot of non-fire head missing out time, for real).

Hey, I am on fire now (my mind at least) and how great. Seriously, Conduit has it going on. What do you like from a print mag? I like something a little rowdy to carry around. Hey, that is not as simple as it sounds. It is hard for me to read a whole mag (I might be yapping like an idiot here). What I want? I want a mag that is all ship-shapy like a Rubik’s Cube so I gotta read everything (or most most most) so it feels really smooth and shines bright and pretty when I am done. Also, it helps if its body has some oomph, like a weird shape or a coooool font or something.

Guess what? Conduit #23 has strode in like Wuzz up look at me! I ripped this thing from its envelope, skinny and tall and handsome mag hello. I walked around with it. I read it THE WHOLE BOOM in the back of my truck and it was fantastic. Here is a little bit why–

The Art– They do these loose themes and this one is NIGHT LIGHT-How The Moon Made Us Human. The editors seem to have combed out some real moon-awesome stuff. Like they got a Warhol thing depicting the moon landing and it is all funky and what. But also, they gotother kinds of radness like a kid looking from his bed over the bay at the moon doing its thing on the horizon. But also also, they have neat close shot of a crater. And more!

Sperm Heaven by Henri Michaux (trans. by David Lehman)– This little flash thing calls back (or maybe reminds) to how language is a cool teacher, how we cannot all go to the moon or whatever new place, strange and all, yet can read about the experience, how we didn’t always know about reproduction and the body and we will not and cannot know it all, you get where I am going I know. It weaves in that, Michaux calling out through Lehman about the glory of pondering yet also of not knowing, science bopping religion and from the corner comes some haha.

Not all sperm are like a man’s. The sperm of a crab, and even more so that of a crayfish, resemble the corolla of a flower. The supple, radiant arms seem to be reaching out not to a female but to heaven.

An interview with Buzz Aldrin–Yeah, I said that. This thing is informative (like how Aldrin is all LETS SET CAMP ON MARS) and haha-headshake (like when Aldrin says And I’ve now been asked how it felt for more than four decades. I’ve had to think about it for that long. Well, if the people who asked me thought for only 10 or 15 minutes, theyd realize it isn’t worth asking. I mean, how can I communicate the feeling that I had in an understandable way to somebody who hasn’t thought about it very much until just before they ask the question?) and totally fun (isn’t that the point here?!).

Two Poems by Dara Wier– These pop right out of a mouth it seems. Lately, I like poems that aren’t funny until I read them again, I mean like OH HAHAHAHA not a giggle or whatever, because they are captivating word machines first and foremost, like how one doesn’t notice the sponsors on a race car until the vroom vroom is over. GREAT RACE…oh cool. That is what I would say to these poems if I dare spoke back, if I could dare make my mouth do anything but go O. (check that start of a Wier poem below!)

Big Belt Buckles 

You know what I mean.
You know a big belt buckle when you see one.
You know what a big belt buckle means.
It means there is maybe a demon inside there.
It’s like a Pennsylvania Dutch barn hex sign or really good graffiti on a wall somewhere
or something or other.
It’s like an insignia.
It’s like a bead with an eye and an eyelid on it.
Something to think away demons away. Away. Away.
It’s like a tarantula dipped in honey.
It’s like rain.
It’s like me making a cross over my left breast.
A secret sign.

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