“An Apartment of Women” by Jessica Newman

24 Jun

The scraggly flock of kids I live with in North Carolina steals/scavenges/scrounges whatever we can:  toilet paper from the pier bar with ten cent shrimp, wardrobes and beach chairs abandoned to the sidewalk, unopened boxes of blue Gatorade offering themselves from the dumpster.  And internet, which is not entirely reliable; sometimes no connection feels like a sigh of relief, other times it’s just a pain in the ass.

When I recently, finally got to read this thing from PANK I was so glad to be connected, to feel it pulse like another body giddy to wake up.  Picking an excerpt is hard because every part is so intimate and brimming with presence, but this one is totally worthy:

Nan’s hair wished down to that part of skin where shoulder struggles. She unlayered, sprawled thin on the sheets. The unwrapping of her ribs. Laila echoed deep in her clothing, found in its cover the nakedness of knowing what it constrained, the plottings of her skin and the organs blossoming underneath. The ways her body betrayed her, misshapes and fleshenings. She took Nan’s skin for her skin. It was a night of sorts. Her body so briefly alive.

Bodies in this story are never just one thing, flawless or unwashed or aroused or frail, but a multitude of physical possibilities realized at once, each coloring the presence of the others.  I think of my roommates busting their faces on pavement and laughing as they scrape gravel and sand from their elbows.  I think of letting the ocean pick up and pummel me into shards of shells, hurting and happy.

Read the whole thing here.

One Response to ““An Apartment of Women” by Jessica Newman”

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