Skyfall Witticisms

15 Jun

So, there’s this:

And then there’s this witty banter of a review at Scene Missing by our own Laura Straub, co-written with Kate Sweeney.

But yes, back to Skyfall and Daniel Craig. He does seem to be somewhat masochistic in choosing his roles. The Bond movies he’s performed in have all included graphic and vulgar abuse of his mysteriously charming face, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo maybe even more so. Browsing through his filmography, it’s hard to name a film of his that isn’t torturous on some level. I mean, even if Daniel Craig himself isn’t made to endure hell in Cowboys vs. Aliens, there’s a strong argument that the movie as a whole is its own kind of torture.

Read the full review at Scene Missing.

I love the format of this for a review. I kind of want to do something like this for a book review or four in the future here.

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