We’ve moved to IMOCA for First Friday!

31 May

Just to let everyone know, we’ve moved the Vouched Books table to IMOCA for the monthly First Friday Art Walk event. I’ll be there tomorrow night from 7-11’ish, so I hope you’ll come check out the goods on the table!

Photo from The Natural World by Tabitha Soren and Min Kim Park

Also, IMOCA’s opening their new show, “The Natural World,” a photo series by Tabitha Soren and Min Kim Park that looks incredible.

The exhibit explores mankind’s desire to stay above the world’s natural order and the anxiety that desire causes for both artist and viewer.

Soren’s lush photographs of people running capture this tension. In Park’s video installation, nude participants are comfortable with their natural state but might cause viewers discomfort.

So, if you’re into the nudity, come see us at IMOCA!
It’s on the first floor of the Murphy Building in Fountain Square, right next to Red Lion Grog Shop: 1043 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46203.

Also: if you make it to Fountain Square before 7:30, drop into the Pivot space, located directly across Virginia Street from the Murphy. They’re opening their office up for a gallery event featuring art work by Jason Ratliff!

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