Zack Morris, An Obsession by Natalie Nuzzo at NAP

22 May

That awesome Diana Salier has taken over poetry picker duty for NAP and look at this new issue, specifically let’s lean our faces towards this poem “Zack Morris, An Obsession” by Natalie Nuzzo, oh how awesome I like it, how it radiates the obsession, the locked-in heart’s musicality, the distracted-by-narrow-narrow-focus brain’s bounce, the story smacked into shape by this big O word obsession, yes.

Here’s a super part:

LA Looks hair gel and stolen eyeliner
pancake makeup fists full of Cover Girl
and Aussie Stiff Spray works well
with Zack’s summer job
at the Sands Country Club

AC Slater’s nips were visible in that
tight green and white striped polo
Da Boss short fat dago Mr. Carossi
of course from New York City,
specifically Brooklyn, NYC
Such a bummer, he was
last name like so Italian and grossi !

One Response to “Zack Morris, An Obsession by Natalie Nuzzo at NAP”

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