Say When at PANK

25 Apr

Hat tip to Carrie Murphy, who posted a link to this poem over at her food/literature blog, Plums in the Icebox. Unfortunately, this poem was published in the February issue of PANK, which I completely skipped over due to a breakdown wherein I marked-as-read everything single thing in my Google Reader, simply because I couldn’t handle knowing I had 150+ items left to read, and I hated life then.

I wish I hadn’t done that now. If I hadn’t, then I would’ve found this incredible poem by Sophie Klahr among all that, and perhaps it would’ve lifted me, if only for a few moments.

if you are a man made of birds
if you are a bureau

if chest, if cage

if you are a lovely weather
worn out, say when

if the space between us makes
a dog named vacancy

if I contain all possible crimes

Read the rest at PANK, please.

2 Responses to “Say When at PANK”

  1. sophie September 2, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    thanks for reading!

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