Help Big Car Say YES

20 Apr

Vouched Books has been a partner with the Big Car Art Collective since our launch back in October 2010. They’ve graciously opened up their gallery for our readings, given me a space to sell books at Indy’s monthly First Friday Art Festival, and embraced Vouched as a part of their goodness.

They’re currently trying to raise money to support their efforts in “taking art to people as a way to bring people – of all ages and backgrounds – to art and creativity. We also believe that public spaces should be invigorated with creativity, with play, with the energy of making things and having fun. Our program will make life better in Indianapolis by introducing engaging public programming on our downtown Cultural Trail, Canal and in urban parks and public spaces. Ultimately, these public goods help people connect with their city and each other.”

Big Car is pushing a drive at Global Giving, which is a lot like Kickstarter, but specifically for rad nonprofits who are doing rad things around the world.

I know there are tons of things in this world vying for your generosity, but I can personally vouch for Big Car, that every dollar you give them will go to something awesome–like turning an entire unused, decrepit parking lot into a urban garden or an abandoned auto service center into a thriving community art space host to international festivals, TED talks, and Vouched Presents readings.

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