Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell

15 Apr

Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell

Mud Luscious Press, April 2012

105 pages, $12

This book is finally out today, and I know we Vouched Books people are rolling on our Sunday rugs at that. In honor of this release, I thought I’d shake up some goodness to share about the book.

These stories found their way into a lot of stellar magazines, in print and around the web, so I thought I’d link to a couple that really radiate what these stories are doing:

Xarles, Xavier, Xenos at >kill author (full story)

While I spend my days adding new supports to our house, burying new beams in search of solid ground, this son—this boy I no longer wish to claim—he makes portraits of his mother with the cheap watercolors we bought him as a child. He paints her eyes wrong, colors her hair black instead of blonde, and so every night I take away his papers and throw them into the puddle of our yard.

Every night, I tell him, Again you didn’t paint her right.

Virgil, Virotte, Vitalis in Ninth Letter

Quella, Querida, Quintessa in Guernica (full story)

How beautiful our daughter is in her white Tethering dress, dancing with her younger cousins across the decorated length of our yard: First the waltz, then the cha-cha, then the tango. Old people dances, she called them when she was eleven, but now, twelve years old, feet shod for the final time in bobby socks and dress-flats, she can’t wait to teach the others every step, every turn and twirl, every last aching contact of foot upon grass.

An Amazing Book Trailer for Cataclysm Baby

Cataclysm Baby Trailer from chris heavener on Vimeo.

An Interview in elimae

My Single-Sentence Review

Nearly every story dog-eared, so difficult to choose my favorites, each one shining the darkness, in how brilliantly Bell handles these sick,  twisted, broken children; these flailing, failing, heartbroken parents; and this world, post-apocalyptic, rolling for the edge, getting mushier and more dreadful, me both shocked at the doom portrayed and relieved for the moment to escape, momentarily at least, the cracked worlds living on.

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