Story Alert: Jamie Grefe at New Dead Families

4 Apr

I’d never heard of Jamie Grefe before and now I’m all over that shit. Seriously. There’s a new issue of New Dead Families out, always a great read, and the best thing in it is this remarkable, moving, fever-dream of Grefe’s.

A bit and then you’ll go read the rest, yes?

we ascend and open the door to the roof, stand at the precipice, looking out at the fifty-four floors, each alight with people moving, people talking, people eating, people showering and people combing hair in brightly lit bedrooms and bathrooms, and from this building and other buildings bodies float across the sky through evaporating smoke tunnels like gigantic intestines, and they are growing larger, the news said, but our television was destroyed weeks ago when my partner smashed it with her fists, dissembled and rebuilt it as a weathercock which she threw from the window down onto an abandoned automobile that someone was using for shelter, and she heard screams for days after, but no one helped all those people, just took snapshots of them and the smoldering and slime-drenched city


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