Happy Valentine’s Day, let’s not make sense!

14 Feb

I’ve really been loving this series of collaborative Valentine’s themed responses over at Everyday Genius this month. You might remember I vouched a piece by Roxane Gay and xTx the other day.

The entire month has been solid and earnest and makes me want to love everyone or just one person or maybe a dozen or maybe no one or maybe you.

Here is one by Jamie Gaughran-Perez and Margaret Gebauer that stuck out to me today, and if you have a spare hour or so, I’d highly suggest you just go catch up on the entire month.

We’re not breaking the bone to reset it straight, but instead to suck the marrow right out.

I’ll get new legs.

I’ll get new eyes.

Somewhere neutrinos are moving faster than light and effects are causing causes.

Logic is a pale attempt to get on top of the world.
Let’s not make sense.

Read the rest at Everyday Genius.

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