Whenever Wherever Whatever

3 Feb

I’ve not been vouching much lately. I’m sorry. I’ve been feeling…I don’t know. I’ve been not feeling, maybe is the better way to put it. Words. I don’t know.

But anyway. This one makes me feel.

All February at Everyday Genius, each contributor was asked to choose a love song and respond to it, then choose a Valentine to respond to his or her response.

This is an excerpt of a collaborative piece between Roxane Gay and xTx, and it is just so damn yes.

One day we’re gonna drive and drive until we reach some wherever place, and we’re going to be so damn good and free and we’re going to call each other different names like maybe I’ll be Remy and you’ll be Portia and we’ll have these real names we’re hiding beneath our real skin, the real ugly beautiful skin we only show each other, and we’ll sleep behind what’s left of some abandoned building but we’ll be in some wherever warm place so there will be hot pavement against our backs while we’re staring up at the night sky, our bodies always touching, always

Read the rest. Please.

2 Responses to “Whenever Wherever Whatever”


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