xTx & Frank Hinton Chapbook Contest- WINNERS!

31 Jan

We’re so pleased to announce the winners of the xTx and Frank Hinton Chapbook Contest! First, Safety Third Enterprises, xTx, Frank Hinton and I would like to thank all of our participants for making our job so difficult. It was not easy to pick a winner when there were so many stellar submissions to sift through. Sift we did though. Here are our selections. 


Don’t bother reading xTx unless you’re willing to unscrew heads, burrow inside questionable skins, lick a stranger’s plate clean while feeling up your fears. 

-Joe Kapitan

Frank Hinton: 

The bird rises as the sun sets again, Frank Hinton.

-DeWitt Brinson

Congratulations Joe and DeWitt!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated!

To order your own copy of Frank Hinton’s I Don’t Respect Female Expression or xTx’s He Is Talking to the Fat Lady visit Safety Third Enterprises’ online storefront. Digital copies will be up for grabs tomorrow.

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