Get Lifted

30 Jan

I’ve been meaning to get off my lazy vouching butt bone for awhile to raise the roof for the new issue of Forklift, Ohio. Consistently a thick rad object full of poems and recipes and strange little pictures that seep human thinking, example the way humans think, thinking of humans on the page. Issue #23 is no exception, featuring those wonderful poets like Matthew Zapruder, Paige Taggart, Sean Bishop, and Weston Cutter, whose two poems were my favorite of the issue.

Here’s the beginning of Cutter’s “Is Hunger.” (Apologies to Cutter and you and Forklift for not being able to retain the cool spacing of this poem; imagine indentation as energy as movement as thoughts going)

A woman I’ll never kiss spots a five dollar bill
while running, shoves it
in her tights
between skin and lycra, runs, breathing even and
not sixty feet later
pulls the cash and
tosses it back, something returned, a moment for
some other winded
seeker to cherish.

Same woman, same path, different day: if it’s
a fifty? a hundred?
At what point does
value overtake value, how much does a moment
of almost, of oh look

Order the whole issue here, get your own cover with the one-of-a-kind continuous line drawing here, find more goodness here.

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