Will We Ever Stop Laughing? A Poem by Hiroshi Shinoda.

9 Jan

I’ve been sitting on this one a long time, a poem at Everyday Genius by Hiroshi Shinoda that was posted back in mid-December.

I don’t have much to say about it. Actually, I don’t have anything. It’s just a great poem, a poem that haunts. I read it a month ago now, and it keeps cropping up in my brain, and I’m sure it has so much more to say, I’m sure I can dig and dig into it and extrapolate meaning and bullshit, but really, this is a poem I just want to enjoy. This is a poem.


That city in Africa
where everyone started laughing
one by one
and they couldn’t stop
no one could stop laughing
even to eat or drink
or breathe
I read about it
and dreamt it last night
they couldn’t eat or drink or breathe
and they couldn’t stop laughing

Read the rest at Everyday Genius.

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