3 Jan

This is one of the coolest contests I’ve seen: write a short fiction piece, featuring Matthew Salesses, short fiction writer, as the protagonist. Awesome prize list, rad judges, cool protagonist (check that interesting biographical detail list).

Still, if you enter, you better step it up. Just check out the first entry, by Sean Lovelace.*

Matt Salesses on Crowds

“There are lost crowds and then crowds of poets who read other poets who write poems for poets, you know, that type of thing. Sometimes, while giving a reading in the hub of Boston, I can sense whether a particular crowd is one thing or the other. Sometimes the mood of the crowd is disguised, sometimes you only find out after two or three or, you know, four hours of reading what sort of crowd a particular crowd is. And you can’t speak to them in the same way. The variations have to be taken into account. Some crowds like Tang lyric poetry, while others enjoy modern adaptations of the Tang lyric poem. Other crowds you try a flash fiction and they’ll seize you by the throat! They will rip the urinals out the bathroom walls and throw them at you! Understand? They want something long and slow and sustained. You have to say something to them that is meaningful to them in that mood.”

*(Full disclosure: I make an appearance, or rather a non-appearance appearance, my absence marked, in one section; still the story rules and such even with(out) me.)

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