New York Tyrant Eleven: Eat it All

31 Dec

Hopefully you’ve already got your hands on this, because it’s sold out online. I think there was one copy left at St. Mark’s when I snagged mine. It’s so good. It’s so good in the way that Tyrant is always good. Eat the whole cake at once good. I tried to just page through it on the train but ended up, crap, just reading the whole thing at once because I could not stop.

You should read the whole thing too, once you’re done staring at Gian’s gorgeously overdrawn Joan Crawford mouth. But here are the must-reads according to no one but me:

Conditions by Daniel Long

Breviary by Jason Schwartz

Boy by Evelyn Hampton

The New Me by Adam Wilson

The Basketball Monster by Scott McClanahan

Copper Top by Karl Taro Greenfield

A Meal is Being Eaten by Brian Kubarycz

Two on a Party by Tennessee Williams (!)



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