Ta da! All in one place: your very own literary gift-giving guide. You’re welcome.

9 Dec

If you’re like me, you plan on buying some books for loved ones this holiday season. And you’ve been reading all these Facebook and Twitter updates and getting excited about all the holiday specials and deals and sales and then…you promptly forget who or what they were for by the time you buy your gifts.

No more! For I have been watching, and paying attention, and taking notes; and I have compiled for you all a certainly-not-even-close-to-comprehensive-but-large-anyway guide to literary gift-giving this year. Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays to all of you and I hope you can find some great gifts in this list.

For the reader who has no time to read: Get him or her a copy of Mud Luscious Press’s Stamp Stories Anthology! Not only are these stories bite-size, at 50 words or less, but they’re also a pretty wide selection of current literary talent in the fiction world today.

Speaking of Mud Luscious, one of the best deals going right now is the Mud Luscious Press subscription. For 40 bucks–35% off the cover price–you get the entire set of 2012 MLP titles: Gregory Sherl’s THE OREGON TRAIL IS THE OREGON TRAIL, Matt Bell’s CATACLYSM BABY, Ken Sparling’s DAD SAYS HE SAW YOU AT THE MALL, & Robert Kloss’s THE ALLIGATORS OF ABRAHAM. Yeah. Seriously.

For the international philanthropist: a copy of Roxane Gay’s Ayiti. They’ll feel like they’re doing some kind of vague good overseas, and meanwhile you’ll be subversively introducing them to a fantastic literary talent AND some truth-telling about the Haitian diaspora experience. Or pick up the Writers Abroad Anthology – sales benefit The Book Bus, a non-profit aimed at increasingly literacy in Africa and South America.

Dalkey Archive Press is selling 20 books for $120 books, which means you can pick up some books for yourself along with stuff for your loved ones, too. And Dalkey’s catalog is immense and terrific, so there’s something for everyone.

Black Ocean is offering a subscription to next year’s full catalog for $50,and that means a subscriber gets all this: Hunger Transit by Feng Sun Chen, , Fjords by Zachary Schomburg, Handsome Vol. 4, Dark Matter by Aase Berg, trans. Johannes Göransson, and The Moon’s Jaw by Rauan Klassnik. Yikes.

Over at at Uncanny Valley, they’ve got a deal going where if you buy a magazine and give them two extra bucks to cover (part of) shipping, they’ll send one to a friend of yours, gift-wrapped, for free. Again–I love things where you give one AND get one.

This is a great (and very pretty) deal: $20 for 8 chapbooks from Birds of Lace Press, plus Anna Joy Springer’s novella.

If the one you love needs clothing, bags, accessories–but loves books, might I suggest Out of Print? I love this store for all things book-related, especially the awesome t shirts.

And finally, I won’t list them all here, but on Big Other I posted about the best books I read in 2011. Any and all of these would make lovely gifts for the people you like. And even for the people you don’t. I didn’t include links here, but please try to buy from your favorite indie bookstore, online or off.

And last, but certainly never least: all of you and your brains. Please leave a comment if your press is having a sale and I didn’t mention it, or if you have a great holiday idea of your own for the book-lovers we know. Thanks!

Happy Holidays and happy reading and gifting!




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