Mensah Makes Me Want to Try Again

29 Nov

I hate mornings. I hate them so hard. I’ve tried before to get up early to write and do my me-things before work, but it’s never stuck. I have a couple mornings of inspired energy, and then the Snooze button works its way back into my good graces.

But this little essay by Mensah Demary at Hippocampus makes me want to try again. I’m not sure why really. Maybe just the simplicity, the calm reflection of it. It makes me want to try again.

I wash up and get partially dressed. I’m wearing a tee shirt and jeans and shoes–my favorite jeans are Levi’s; my favorite shoes are dark brown Clark Wallabees that appear old and broken in, but they feel so good–and I pick a sweater or button-down to wear, but I don’t put it on yet. I throw it over my shoulder, grab my phone (which is my alarm clock, too) and prepare some coffee. While it brews, I enter the second bedroom–our office–well, my office–to smoke a cigarette.

This is my favorite part of the day. Without fail. I’m in the dark and the city streets are empty. The trains haven’t yet started to run. The sun isn’t up. I’m standing in front of 14′ high windows, cold air blowing in, and I’m blowing out cigarette smoke. Very slowly. It’s probably the only time I savor a cigarette. And I think about writing, but I don’t feel like it this morning.

Read the rest at Hippocampus Magazine.

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