You Can Learn a Lot About Reading from Matt Hart

22 Nov

I first saw Matt Hart read back in college, and it might have changed how I thought of poetry readings. Until then, all I knew of poetry readings was that one particular cadence, you know the one, the slow and pseudo-emotive/pseudo-gravitas cadence that a vast majority of readers seem to take on.

Instead of that, Hart reads with a bob and weave, an energy I’ve found in few other readers. You see it very literally in his movement as he reads, like a boxer’s dance.

Contributor Tyler Gobble just filmed this little clip of Hart reading at the recently wrapped up Panic Attack USA Tour. I was bummed I didn’t get to attend one of the readings, but it’s rad to live in this day and age, when Tyler can just hold his phone up, and ripcord! I’m watching Matt Hart read.

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