The Sky Grows Dark: Dark Sky Mag 2-for-1 Sale This Week

14 Nov

I woke up this morning to an email from our friends at Dark Sky. Evidently, they’re ringing in the coming holidays with a 2-for-$10 sale. As literary journals go, Dark Sky is top notch. Look at these beauties.

Here are some details from their site:

It’s November and you’re about to get lucky. For a limited time, we’re offering Issues 1 and 2 of Dark Sky Magazine for 10 dollars. If like us you’re not great at the math, that’s two magazines for the price of one.

$10 gets you:

* 15+ new stories
* 20+ new poems
* 30+ new visuals

As well as an assortment of other unquantifiable goodness from some of today’s most exciting writers and artists.

Sale ends this week, so hop over to the DS store and get your lucky on today. Thanks!

Click here to go to the Dark Sky Store and get in on this offer.

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