Crutchfield is on fire

9 Nov

Rarely do we vouch for the same author twice in one week here, but Christy Crutchfield has punched us in the sternum twice this week: first with “Today Everything is a Lake” at H_NGM_N, and now again with ‘He Did the Opposite‘ on Wigleaf.

‘He Did the Opposite’ is a story so full of truth that it nestles itself into your memory and makes itself your own.

Tonight he will pull her close to him and hold her the way she likes, the way that, yes, he likes too, but that hurts his back if he sleeps that way. He’ll tell her exactly the process that his mind went through, and she’ll explain what happened in her head, play with his chest hair in that weird way, and then they’ll laugh at the ridiculousness of communication and know they’ve bested it, and tomorrow morning the relationship will have the not-quite-a-year freshness it technically should.

Read the rest at Wigleaf.

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