No Tell Motel Leaves the Light On for You

28 Oct

Last week saw the final poem posted at No Tell Motel, a beautiful and fantastic online poetry journal run by the avid supporter of all things verse, Reb Livingston.

Anyone who edits a publication knows the amount of time and energy required to start and maintain a literary magazine. After 7 years of channeling much of my time and energy into NTM I decided that I very much wish to channel it into new directions. The week of October 17 will be NTM’s final week. Jill Alexander Essbaum, one of NTM’s earliest contributors and the author of the magazine’s most popular poem, has graciously agreed to be our final guest.

Essbaum’s swan song poem is the beautiful endcap to a solid 7 years of putting out and promoting great poetry. Thank you, Reb, for all the time and energy you put into your baby, and thank you for keeping the archives alive and well for future readers.

Treppe im Abendlicht, Spätherbst
The black vast
of night isn’t yet.

You look to the lake.
The light plays

its trick. It’s the one
where the woman’s

sawn in two,
where she goes into

a swoon that intuits
her stint

in the sad-house.

Read the rest at No Tell Motel. And I highly recommend digging through their archives and unearthing something that speaks directly to you.

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