Moulton’s Story in 9 Parts

26 Oct

The Genius is getting a lot of love from me this week. Funny how that’s worked out. I have been meaning to vouch this story for awhile now, and I just stopped being lazy enough to get it posted. Anyway.

I’m not normally so down with heavy formal play in fiction. I mean, I’ve seen it done and done well. Bosworth’s play in his new novel Freight is fantastic, in the way it works with the story, and at the same time, doesn’t distract. But, most formal play, in my opinion, serves more as a distraction to the story than it compliments. But that’s just me. I am mostly easy to please. I don’t need any tricks. Just give me good sentences. Talk to me. Help me see something beautiful, if not in the story, in the syntax. I don’t even need a character all the time. Just move something in me.

Iris Ann Moulton’s “Short Story in Nine Parts” moved me:

I.    It is somewhere rainy and lush. Everyone’s t-shirts are dirty. There are irreconcilable halves of bumper stickers stuck to cheap cars. There are not very many roads in.
II.    There is only one house of note, in which most everything occurs.
     A.    The house is stoic and grappling.
     B.    The garden is polite.
          a.    It is very easy to grow here.
          b.    Research: what is bougainvillea? And also: where?
          c.    Many of the flowers have bright bushy heads, like puppets.
     C.    The entry way is splotched carpet.
     D.    Something intended for keys now catches spare change, movie stubs, rubberbands.
          a.    Keys are still lost.

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