Sam Pink & you

18 Oct

Just finished one of Sam Pink’s new books, The No Hellos Diet. His slim novels have met my fancy in the past, but this time I was particularly taken with Sam’s dialogue. It all hits the right mark while maintaining his particular penchant for (apparent) non sequiturs. Plus, it’s all in the 2nd person.

Take this on pg.74:

Yesterday at work one of the managers was helping you throw out garbage and she said, “Guess what, I think I met my future husband last night, on a date.”
She had her front teeth over her bottom lip, excited.
You said, “You met your husband from the future?”
Then you thought about how time travelling would change your life, and how you’d never even notice, because this thought would be one of its results.

And we’re done. Confusion over the literal, metaphorical or just how convoluted sentence structure is in the modern world, Sam hits on them all. It’s a good book. Out now from Lazy Fascist Press. Do yourself a favor and get it.

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