My Contributors Can Beat Up Your Contributors

18 Oct

I can’t afford to pay my contributors in much more than graciousness, so in lieu of cash, I thought the least I could do was to trumpet all the awesome stuff they do outside the Vouched walls.

Kyle Winkler has a great story about eating ghosts up at Annalemma.

Amber Sparks has been busy, with 3 stories published recently: “The Woman Across the Water Wore the Shape of Love” in the new issue of Gargoyle, “Five Kinds of Human History” in the new issue of Big Lucks, and “Never Never” was recently published online at the SmokeLong Quarterly. She also has a new kitten named Ilsa.


Josh Spilker‘s new novella Ambient Florida Position came out last month from KUBOA Press in print & digitally. And his small press, Deckfight Press, is releasing what I can only imagine to be an awesome collaboration by Mel Bosworth and Christy Crutchfield called The Five Lost Senses of Carl.

Tyler Gobble has an unquantifiable amount of energy, and the only way to really round up his recent bits of awesome is a bulleted list:

Have you heard about Roxane Gay‘s new book, Ayiti? If not, where have you been? If so, why isn’t it in your hands?

And lastly, Laura Straub has a rad flash fiction double-feature up at Loose Change Magazine. She she’s also reading tomorrow at the Loose Change Rooftop Reading! Go be charmed by her.

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