That Time of the Month Again

17 Oct

No, not that time of the month (though maybe it is, and if so, I’m terribly sorry; my empathy for the fairer gender runs deep). The time I’m referring to is when I open my Google Reader and see new feeds from The Collagist, PANK, DOGZPLOT, and Word Riot.

The Collagist is out of the gate with excerpts from Blake Butler’s new memoir, Nothing: a Portrait of Insomnia, and Nick Antosca’s Fires. Work by Lincoln Michel, Kate Lorenz, Luke Geddes, Gregory Sherl, and Joseph Scapellato caught my breath.

PANK is pounding it out with some great words from Lauren Schmidt, Sarah Faulkner, Mather Schneider, Tessa Fontaine, and many others.

DOGZPLOT delivered with a lack of animal evidence by Peter Schwartz and a stinging serpent by Nicola Belte.

And Word Riot you’ll just have to check back for later, because their feed posts before their page updates, so I’m probably a jerk for telling you how good it is now. If you’re really curious, just subscribe to their feed. You won’t be disappointed, month after month, you won’t be.

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