Two Poems by Alexis Pope that will rock your socks off.

11 Oct

Three cheers for >Kill Author’s 15th Issue!


Yesterday, instead of drinking coffee I read Alexis Pope’s two poems.

Here are two excerpts to jolt you. First from poem 1.

Just how many bricks of pollen can I sneak over the Ohio border before they catch me? Just how many snowflakes can I snort off my house key until she realizes it’s been cut with firefly glow juice? Our nostrils flicker as our lips part. Just how many dandelions can I behead until I’m thrown onto nature’s electric chair: a tree stump, a lightening bolt, vines around my ankles?

and from poem 2:

The shaving cream feels like your heart. Your heart is not red. Your heart is foam. Your heart melts, but not that way. Your heart is sensitive to razor blades. Your skin isn’t really yours. It’s your heart’s. But the foaming doesn’t stop. Your friends can’t see it because they don’t want to. Your friends are imaginary. Your heart isn’t there. It’s a shadow. It’s mildewed. It’s bleach sensitive. It’s not a heart. It’s only heart shaped.


One Response to “Two Poems by Alexis Pope that will rock your socks off.”


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