Awful Interview: Molly Brodak

15 Sep

Molly Brodak may or may not be a unicorn. Okay, okay…Molly Brodak is a unicorn. She lives off of ice-cream and marshmallows and she walks the earth only where the sunshines. You can tell where she’s been by the glitter and dew drops (sometimes those are one in the same). In case you didn’t get the memo earlier, (which should have arrived on the very best Lisa Frank stationery) Molly also happens to be a poet (because unicorns and poets really are one in the same). She will be reading her poetry at our next Vouched Presents reading here in Atlanta on the 19th. Don’t you want to come listen to a real-life unicorn read her poetry?

So, Molly. Have you ever noticed that you bear a stunning resemblance to Amalthea aka: The Last Unicorn from the 1989 movie The Last Unicorn (when she’s a human)? Which leads me to my next question, are you a unicorn?

Oh man! That is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can recite a lot of it if you’d like and sing for you the Last Unicorn song either as America or Kenny Loggins. I’m pretty sure it came out in ‘82 though–was putting the wrong date a test? You’ll have to do better. And to answer your question, yes, of course.

Wow! A real life unicorn! Do you live off of marshmallows? ‘82 makes much more sense, I was relying too heavily on You ‘re the star of the movie, so you probably remember better than I do. How does being a unicorn influence your writing? 

Marshmallows and ice cream. Um writing poems is a job requirement for unicorns. Like cobbling for cobblers. It’s nice to not have to worry about making “sense” or being “happy” with my poems or “surviving” off of them.

Where do you find your inspiration? Also, what happened with Noah’s Arc? That was pretty cut-throat of Noah. Do you still hold a grudge?

I find inspiration in learning about things. I read a lot of natural science, astronomy, history, biology, linguistics, and other random science writing. I just finished reading about John Snow who was the first to learn how to control the process of etherization by testing it on himself. He sat at his desk and inhaled ether or chloroform, passed out for a few minutes, then woke up and wrote about it. Out of his kitchen he built a controlled vaporizer in 1847, basically the same thing anesthesiologists use today, when three months before the very concept of etherization didn’t even exist. He also helped cure the biggest cholera outbreak in London by thinking about it more and in different ways than anyone else. Noah’s Arc is what the unicorns named Noah’s lightless eternal sphere, which is curvilinear and sort of cramped as a punishment for not letting us on Noah’s Ark, which we didn’t need anyway because we are ttly immortal.

Have your studies ever led you to consider taking up Alchemy? If so have you had any success with that? BTW that book sounds awesome. 

Everything is already Alchemy.

Does that mean that everything is gold? 

Well it wants to be. I mean that’s the thing about Alchemy–it doesn’t work.

What does work? Also, where is your favorite place to write? 

Gravity, antibiotics, nonstick foil, cruise control, antioxidants, Resolve© Stain Stick,  Sennelier Masking Fluid, eggs, smiling. My favorite place to write I guess is in bed at night, or sometimes in the car.

You just recently moved to Atlanta, whats your impression of our fair city? Favorite places? Least favorite places? 

 Honestly, it’s very wonderful. I keep expecting a giant sink hole to open beneath me because I can’t possibly be this pleased with life. I haven’t been around too much yet, but so far I really like the High Museum of Art and the post office near my building, which is also near a gelato place I’m not mad at. So far I have not liked the Emory University Hospital Emergency Room nor the sad dirty dumpster alley behind my apartment building where four heartbreakingly sad kittens live.

If you could say any thing to peer pressure/enchant someone into attending our reading on the 19th of September, what would you say? 

I would remind them that a unicorn dies every time a person chooses to stay in and watch tv or sleep instead of going to a poetry reading.

Whoa. Shit just got so real. 

4 Responses to “Awful Interview: Molly Brodak”

  1. Draco Cat September 19, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    Yay! Molly rules!

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