Come to the Murph tonight; see art, buy books!

2 Sep

As with every other First Friday, you know where I’ll be to come check out my books on tap! I’ll have my table set up outside Big Car Gallery tonight, so I hope to see your shining faces. I’ve been lame lately, and haven’t added any new titles to the table for anyone who was there last month, but if you’ve not been around for a couple months, you’ll have some fresh words waiting for you. I’m reading some incredible words right now from small presses, so you can bet in the next couple months, you’ll see some new covers on the table.

Also tonight at Big Car is an amazing gallery opening of Aaron Scamihorn and Jason Roemer’s Freaks & Geeks showing that looks absolutely incredible. Just look at the flyer. Bask in it.

Do I need to say anything more? Come see me tonight! I like you!

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