Mathias Svalina Sees Wondrous Things

19 Aug

I saw Svalina read at the PANK/Annalemma Divination reading at last year’s AWP, and he owned the microphone. He read longer than anyone else, I think, but I don’t think anyone cared. I know no one at my table did, and my table was full up with 6 other fellow writers as jaded as I am with bad readings. There was clapping, hollering, laughter. At one point, I laughed so hard I lurched backwards, I bumped into a passing waitress and there was a clattering and shattering of glass. Mathias didn’t break steam, kept right on, his words pounding and pounding.

It’s awesome to see this piece of Svalina’s recently in Everyday Genius, and to see how he can own the page just as easily as he owns the air. This is an excerpt of his book, I am a Very Productive Entrepreneur recently out from Mud Luscious Press. I highly recommend.

I started this one business that applied to the eyes of our clients the opposite of blinders, what we called Seeingers.

See everything! Every detail before you in intense exactitude! This was our pitch. Our scientists stumbled upon these Seeingers during an experiment on the bone structures of kaleidoscopes. It was a failed venture, until two of the scientists, depressed at their impending unemployment, got gin-drunk in the lab & ended up half-naked with the bones of kaleidoscopes strapped around their faces. What they saw in that moment they could not describe. Later, during his debriefing, the senior scientist said it was the visual equivalent of when you bite through your tongue & suddenly feel how your teeth are both weapons & exposed bones.

Read the rest at Everyday Genius.

*Video of the Divination reading is at PANK blog. I highly suggest watching it–one of the best readings I’ve ever been to ever.

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