This is a drawing. A drawing for YOU

2 Aug

I fear that I am becoming a Monkey Bicycle junkie. We all have our vices, right? Right.  In any case, I mainlined xTx‘s This is a Drawing. A Drawing for You. 


Consider this positive peer pressure. Here’s a taste:

Yesterday I went to a grassy pasture with my clothes on. I tracked a big game animal. It was called a cow. These cows! Let me tell you! They are so big! Cows are large! Picture a car, cut in half. Picture that half car covered in flat fur like boots. Like paint. Picture all of that but give it breathing and you have a cow. Cows make low noises. Bellowing like sadness. Deep voiced like my mother, like when she would try to sing my dad back from the sea. Now. Now you know of cows.


See? You’re hooked.

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