Life Without Television by Riley Parker

16 Jul

My television was stolen from my house a few weeks ago, and the past few weeks have seen the most productive days I’ve known in…ever? I’ve built 6 rather large raised beds in my back yard. Planned and promoted the Vouched Presents DOGZPLOT Literature Party. Replaced the entirety of the fence in my backyard. Started a novel. Submitted some poems to a couple journals. &c&c&. It’s been kind of glorious.

That’s not a rant against TV. I love TV. I’m just saying it’s been a really awesome few weeks without one, getting all this work done. I feel almost manic.

That’s not at all what goes on in Riley Parker’s “Life Without Television” up at DOGZPLOT. Yes, the same DOGZPLOT rolling through town next Monday, the same DOGZPLOT that we’re throwing a huge shindig for. They recently had their July issue drop, so I thought it fitting that I would select a couple of my favorites from this month’s issue to vouch here at the blog to share these stories and simultaneously plug the reading party.

So, read what Parker’s life would be like without television, and turn yours off Monday and come out to Big Car’s Service Center to eat great food, drink great beer, and hear great words.

Mother starts transcribing our shared meals, writing down everything we say in shorthand, then going back and shaping these conversations into one act plays. She does this for weeks on end, meal after meal, urging us to be clever and dramatic, to give her work merit.

Read the rest at DOGZPLOT.

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