Awful Interview: Jesus Angel Garcia

11 Jul

Jesus Garcia is a force never ending. He and I stem from the same roots it seems in music and intent, and he is one of the few people I know who seems to tap into that boundless energy that sends him everywhere. He’s out right now touring for his new book, badbadbad, and he’s borrowing the road from the DOGZPLOT crew for a few stops along their Summer Reading Tour, stopping in Indy next Monday for the Vouched Presents DOGZPLOT Literature Party!

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your day job?

Baltimore originally, San Francisco Bay Area for almost 20 years. Day job: traversing lonesome highways. Night job: freak-preaching badbadbad.

I’m always intrigued by creative minds, how they do what they do. Where do you get your ideas? Do you have a Muse?

My ideas tend to come from personal experience and cultural immersion. Right now, I’m fascinated by our desperate and courageous attempts to communicate and connect with each other.

What do you think about the word “soul”?

Do you like rap music? Why/why not?

Not my primary drug of choice, but I am polyamorous, and I do like the hot stuff; I know it when I hear it. Common sounded pretty good the other night here in New Orleans.

Why do you write? Is it to express yourself? To gaze lovingly at your navel? To incite a riot?

Provocation. Subversion. R-I-O-T.

Writers are supposed to know things and be political and stuff, right? What do you think about the war in Middle East?

As I understand it, the United States has been involved in wars around the world for 99 out of the last 100 years. “War Without End” is how we roll, apparently. I’m convinced there are many other ways to nurture national interests and interact with other countries as responsible global citizens.

Man, I love birds in art and literature. Do you love birds? Stars? The moon?

I just heard some amazing birdsong in Austin and saw these beautiful vultures tearing into a carcass on the side of a desert highway. I had a green parakeet as a kid until my brother accidentally smashed it up against a wall. Birds are sweet. So is fried chicken. So is this:

I pray to the stars. I howl at the moon. I really do. Well, not the praying part, but…

Have you ever been to Indianapolis? What’s your impression of Indy, whether you’ve been here or not?

Never been, but a Bay Area friend from there says it’s a happening hipster scene. I plan on wearing my stick-on tattoos.

What would you like to say to people about coming to see you read at the Vouched Presents: DOGZPLOT Literature Party?

I’ll just say what the Cornbread Girl says in “Bed o’ Cornbread Crumbs”: Come come come…

One Response to “Awful Interview: Jesus Angel Garcia”

  1. JesusAngelGarcia July 11, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    sorry, i just pulled the cornbread song off the 3xbad web site the other day b/c too many visitors had blown the bandwidth by playing all the songs… long (e-tech) story. problem now solved. i’ll put it up again as soon as i can. thanks for the kind words and the interview, christopher. if indy’s half as hot as pittsburgh was tonight, we’re gonna blow the roof off.

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