Kitty Snacks #four

26 Jun

Yeah, I went to the famous Square Books in Oxford, MS last weekend, and I’d all but forgotten that Kitty Snacks was made here until I saw it at the register and it looked to be the cashier’s copy, and I said, “do you have any more of these?” I think I startled him, because a) how often do you upsell a B&W lit zine? b) how many people come in looking and knowing Kitty Snacks besides all of your real-close associates? Maybe a lot do, maybe a lot don’t, I’m thinking the latter.

(When I saw Kitty Snacks, I was buying Annalemma 6. Vouched Books’ love of Annalemma is well documented).

But I knew of the legend of Kitty Snacks. It’s made in Oxford. Some of the editors work at Square & Off Square Books in Oxford. Kitty Snacks regularly features John Brandon. It regularly feature Sam Pink. This issue (#4) has both of them in there along Catherine Lacey and Scott McClanahan and Jack Pendarvis for people I’ve heard of. People like Charles Hale who was unknown to me before are now known to me and I’m better for it. Same for Mike Sauve. There’s also a photo essay in memory of Barry Hannah, whose loss the community is still mourning.

This was my first time to Oxford; it made me reconsider where I went to grad school, it seems all the writer peoples take care of each other down there, also the very esteemed Richard Ford is joining their ranks this fall which makes me…envious.

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