“The CEO of Happiness Speaks” at The Collagist

21 Jun

I’ve always contended that it’s much harder to write a poem that is happy and glad than it is to write a sad bastard poem. A sad bastard poem is held up generally by the weight of its own pathos. But, a glad and happy poem is hard to pull off and not ring cheesey. I just read this poem by Marcus Wicker over at this month’s issue of The Collagist, and smiled smiled smiled. I recognize something of myself here, making a business of sorts based on shouting out what in the world makes me move and giggle and sigh and pause. But, sadly, after awhile, even that can become tedious, like the line in the poem:

Every single road I walk is lined with the signage
of joy. And I’m not exactly complaining

but imagine being this way full time.
Compare it to staring at the sun too long—

What happens after. Goldenrod grid
viewpoint. World as scatter plot.

My punch clock ticks from the second
I wake and it’s hard to tell the difference

between shifts. Think pleasure as computer
generated dots. Palm trees like pinstripes.

Think I’m crazy if you want
but the world actually moves me maybe

once every year.

That seems sad, but it gets happier, it gets joyous about a small and tiny wonder, the best kind. Read the rest of the poem at The Collagist!

One Response to ““The CEO of Happiness Speaks” at The Collagist”

  1. lcrelyea June 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    I love love love this.

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