Vouched Presents: DOGZPLOT Literature Party – July 18th!

14 Jun

We’re still ironing out the details for this event, but I can assure you, it’s going to be fashioned out of giant marble pillars of kick ass.

Barry Graham and his DOGZPLOT crew are going to be in town as part of their Summer Reading Tour, and we’re throwing them a party. As always, it’s free, but there will be beer and food on hand and proceeds from the event go to benefit Second Story Indy.

We’re having it at the Big Car Service Center for Contemporary Culture + Community (NOT THE GALLERY!) at 3914 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis. Readings will start around 6:30pm, but you’re encouraged to show up early to drink beer and stuff face!

Jim from Big Car is working his magic to get a local microbrew to have some brew on hand. I’m contacting some local food trucks to get some food for your lovely faces. My amazingly talented friend Jeremy Albert is on deck to design some posters for us. We’re even getting a barbaric Yelp from the local Yelp community coordinator to help spread the word!

We have the readers lined up already, so while we’re waiting for all the other pieces to fall into place, I thought I’d at least share with you those who will be sharing their words with us!

Barry Graham
Sean Lovelace
Roxane Gay
Matt Mullins
Steve Himmer
Micah Ling
Laura Adamczyk
Jim Walker
John Clark
Jesus Angel Garcia
Jessica Dyer
Kevin McKelvey
Layne Ransom
Bryan Furuness

I hope to see you there! You’ve only yourself to blame if you miss out on this.

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