If I were to mail my heart, would I use bubblewrap?

9 Jun

I was stoked to see that Dark Sky Magazine’s new issue features a new poem from one of my favorite poets, Mike Young. It’s called “Is That It’s You” and it’s a dreamride of discursion about relationships and love. Since reading this poem earlier this week, I’ve read it several times, marveling at it’s brilliant balance of thought and emotion, of chaos and control. I like when a poem makes me remember, face, confront, and process things I already know but am too much of a chump to deal with. As a very much relationship-confused, recently graduated, soon-to-be divorced twenty-two year old, this poem is a much-needed, much-appreciated, and seriously wonderful wake-up alarm.

Check out the beginning below:

Relationships are full of meaningful emotional intensity,
such as when a fast car hits a child whose Halloween costume
lacked visibility. Often you will see one half of a relationship
alone, talking into a glass soda bottle as if it’s a microphone.
Good things in relationships include mutual hobbies, such as
mesmerism or zoo arson. Bad things include appointing
yourself the relationship’s sleep-time barber. One thing
surprisingly thorny in relationships is the deployment of
rhetorical questions. One thing that gets better is vistas.

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